How it works

Maintain visual consistency and guarantee a clear product display!

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    Install the Plugin

    Get yourself started with adding the plugin to your dashboard from here. Active it and you’re ready to go!

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    Customize Settings

    It’s time to decorate your shop. Just play with the options and build your store with your style. Land here to unlock more features.

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    Start selling

    Once you’re confident with the store's style you’re ready to invite customers. Grow your business with the most organized layouts!

Boost sales with the different Layout Styles

You’ll find plenty of product layouts styles with multiple options on your dashboard. Choose the most suitable ones for your shop and enjoy the variety of layout techniques.

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Enjoy unique Product Layouts options

Level boost your sales by making the most of your store’s layouts! Strategic placement of products influences buying decisions.


General Layouts

The simplest layout of the Product Layouts plugin! You can use it for free! It is a reflection of a handy design with detailed customization!

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Call to Action Styler

Style your store with the CTA styler to get the smartest view. Display a shorter visible tagline with detailed hidden documentation of products!

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Product Table Layouts

Show your products on a table to help find your customers their desired items easily in one place.

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Product List Layouts

Using this layout you can easily showcase the store items in one list. Listing items are easily found and everyone can pick.

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Caption Layouts

Product pictures are mainly visible on this layout. Customers hover on it and they get the full details. Unique way to help buyers shop!

Tab Image

Flipbox Layouts

Quite similar to the Caption Layouts on visibility but way smarter in presentation. Buyers click on the product’s picture and details will come up with a flip!

Tab Image

Discover Product Layouts Magic

Product Layouts provides the flexibility to customize all its WooCommerce blocks, and for those who prefer not to do so, it also offers a selection of pre-made patterns to simplify the process.


Choose your style

Reveal your store’s potential with Product Layouts! Get the visual transmission!

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Your Design, Your Way

Your imagination is the only limit! With our elements, you can create designs as unique as your ideas! Every single slot of Product Layouts is customizable. Make your design for the store and decorate it the way you like!

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Product Filter

To help your customers find their products we have filter option on Product Layouts

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Elevate Layout with Exclusive Perks

Grow revenues with the effective and exclusive features of Product Layouts!


Badge Styles


Image Styles


Button Styles


Category Styles


Title Styles


Rating Styles


Price Styles




Icon Setting


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Frequently asked questions

What is the Product Layouts for WooCommerce Plugin?

Product Layouts for WooCommerce plugin is a WooCommerce extension. This plugin allows you to design any type of product layouts and show on frontend using shortcode.

How to Install and Activate Product Layouts for WooCommerce Free Version?

Step-1: Installing Product Layouts for WooCommerce Plugin
Step-2: Activating the Plugin
You can read the full Doc

How to Purchase Product Layouts for WooCommerce PRO ?

You can purchase the plugins’ PRO Version from your WordPress dashboard. You don’t need to go anywhere else to purchase it. Let us guide you on how you can purchase the Pro version and activate the Pro License securely.
Check it out the full Doc

How many features in this plugin?

This plugin offers numerous features that empower you to design your website effectively.
1. General Layouts
2. Call to Action Layouts
3. Product Table Layouts
4. Product List Layouts
5. Caption Layouts
6. FlipBox Layouts
7. Category Tabs
8. Product Carousel Slider
9. Accordion
10. Pagination
11. Load More button
12. Product Filters

Can I design Shop page using this plugin?

Yes, you can design the shop page using this plugin. However, for additional features such as filters and pagination, an upgrade to the pro version is required.

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